December 2012

HEVC Decoding in Consumer Devices

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The new video compression standard, HEVC, is expected to be finalized in early 2013. This report looks at the ability of various devices to decode HEVC now and in the future through software and hardware implementations.

Worldwide unit shipment and installed base forecasts are provided from 2011-2016 for smartphones, tablets, PCs, portable media players, streaming media players, video game consoles, Blu-ray players, digital TV sets, and set-top boxes capable of decoding HEVC.

The deliverable is comprised of a PDF and Excel spreadsheet.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary  1

HEVC Standard  4

Timing for HEVC  4

Look Back at H.264 Timing. 5

HEVC Compression Consumer Applications 6

4K  6

Internet Video Streaming  6

HD and SD TV Transmission  7

Announced HEVC Products 8

HEVC Decoding Penetration in Consumer Devices 9

Totaling Devices 14

Figure 1.. Worldwide Shipments of Consumer Devices with HEVC Decode Capability. 2

Table 1.. HEVC Decode-Capable Smartphones 2011-2016. 9

Table 2.. HEVC Decode-Capable Tablets 2011-2016. 10

Table 3.. HEVC Decode-Capable PCs 2011-2016. 11

Table 4.. HEVC Decode-Capable Portable Media Players 2011-2016. 11

Table 5.. HEVC Decode-Capable Streaming Media Players 2011-2016. 12

Table 6.. HEVC Decode-Capable Video Game Consoles 2011-2016. 12

Table 7.. HEVC Decode-Capable Blu-ray Players 2011-2016. 13

Table 8.. HEVC Decode-Capable Digital TV Sets 2011-2016. 14

Table 9.. HEVC Decode-Capable Set-Top Boxes 2011-2016. 14

Table 10.. Total Devices with HEVC Decoding Capability 2011-2016. 15

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