December 2013

OTT and Multiscreen Vendor Market Leaders


By:  Michelle Abraham and Darryl Sterling

OTT and multiscreen technologies have had a tremendous impact on the traditional digital media video delivery industry structure. They have allowed an entirely new method, with its own eco-system of vendors, for content providers to deliver content directly to viewers.

Traditional TV delivery networks gather the content available for viewing both live linear channels and on demand files at their headends. It is processed there for the provider’s network and sent to the customer premises equipment or set-top box in the home to be decoded and decrypted for viewing on the TV.  OTT and multiscreen infrastructure, because content is often sent over the open unmanaged Internet rather than through the provider’s managed network, is more complicated.

MRG has identified and quantified the market leaders for three key pieces of the increasingly pervasive OTT ecosystem in a series of three Feature Articles.

First are market leaders for the transcoders that play a critical role in processing content formats that can be accessed by a wide breadth of devices that operate outside of the traditional managed content distribution network.

The second Feature Article is on Online Video Platform (OVP) market leaders.  As the number of devices and amount of content available to them has growth, the OVP has become a way to manage the content making sure it gets to the right device, taking into account the viewing rights associated with the content, and keeping track of what is watched, where, and under what account.

Last, but not least, is the third Feature Article that presents Content Delivery Network (CDN) market leaders. CDNs in particular are able to ensure the delivery of high quality video without relying completely on the capabilities of private networks assets.

Each of these articles presents global market leader rankings based on primary surveys and MRG estimates, customer relationships for the market leaders and current market activity.  The deliverables come in PDF format.



Survey Results/Rankings

Deal Activity and Market Presence

Market Trends

Different for Each Feature Article

Different for Each Feature Article

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